THE goodsugar DIET™ Printed Book
THE goodsugar DIET™ Printed Book

THE goodsugar DIET™ Printed Book

This printed book is my most comprehensive diet & lifestyle work. I've spent a decade compiling notes and thinking of a universal approach for tackling one of our most difficult struggles: Diet.

My background in food behavior comes from being sober 35 years and being closely involved with addiction recovery of all types! I got sober at age 15, in 1985. Whew, how time flies!

Additionally, my original concept with Juice Press was to bring the best of the best in food and beverage, knowledge, and resources to my favorite citiy, New York. I was fortunate to interact with countless numbers of people over ten years to develop a thorough approach to helping people with their dietary choices. 

My experience specifically with food and addiction programs, health paradigms, and general philosophy will speak for itself as you tear through the pages of this book.

I have helped thousands of people improve their diets and overall health using a systematic approach including: Understanding nutrition and lifestyle choices, dealing with childhood trauma, using meditation and positive thinking practices for shifting our behaviors, exercise, and much more. 

I am so excited to finally have this work ready for presentation in this format. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!





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