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Take a look at what you have visualized as being good for breakfast since you were a kid. People think of eggs, waffles (which are basically sugary pastries), pancakes, bread, doughnuts, muffin, bagels, and things like bacon as morning foods.

The waffles and pastries are mostly just refined starchy carbohydrates—the worst type of carbohydrates. The best carbohydrates are those that occur naturally
in wholesome foods such as fruits and vegetables. Your metabolism has an entirely different reaction to naturally occurring carbohydrates rather than processed carbohydrates.

Processed carbohydrates are extremely concentrated sugars; this means that there are a lot of sugar molecules in a very tiny space. Everything is amplified. Your body chemistry’s reaction to something so concentrated is much more extreme. And this is not optimal.

Some people might consider a bagel with cream cheese and perhaps some smoked salmon to be a good breakfast choice. But such a breakfast would be lacking valuable minerals and vitamins. That type of food will put an extra burden on your digestive system, because it doesn’t break down easily. Neither does the protein from eggs.

The toxicity of the components in a grill or pan fried bacon are disasters to body chemistry as well. They will definitely have a negative impact on your emotions and your clarity throughout your entire day. In addition to that, these cooked foods and processed foods are devoid of living enzymes and healthy probiotic bacteria, which are vital to the functioning of your bowels.

What you eat will control your energy levels, the clarity in which your brain functions, and your overall emotional world. As I stated earlier, your emotions are not just guided by what happens to you and what you think. You’re also guided by how your body physically feels at any given moment.

If you start your day off with a terrible breakfast, you have in effect just jumped off a cliff. By the end of the day you will have hit the bottom of the cliff. The cliff bottom is generally in the form of cravings for different foods at nighttime when your body should be in a resting mode.

People that eat high-protein, highly concentrated food will definitely need more fiber to push that stuff out of the system. The fiber is like a broom, and it’s also the
thing that stimulates your body to push food through the digestive system. The insoluble fiber is part of what forms a solid stool. Other parts of the fiber are the food that good bacteria eat and need in order to live and carry out their digestive functions.

The most fibrous food we can eat comes from the plant kingdom—not from a bagel or a waffle. Plant food is the fiber that your body was expecting.