Zinc Hype

Zinc Hype

Read time:  3 minutes By Marcus Antebi

Sometimes it can seem as though there is a lot of hype around vitamins and mineral supplements. Being a consumer caught in the middle of the traffic, between those who are pushing supplements and those who say they don’t matter, can be confusing. 

I want to clarify any controversy on the subject matter.

If we all lived in the garden of Eden and kept a perfectly clean plant-based diet, drank from a pure water supply and were breathing in perfectly clean air then our bodies cells would likely be able to multiply for 150 years. 

When you add in the dilemmas that we face in the modern ages with exposure to environmental toxins, added lifestyle stress and fears and anxieties that are born from a lack of a feeling a connection to a creator, meaning we have a confused viewpoint on the nature of life itself, all of this added together can make the burden too great on the bodies’ immune system and regular functions. 

That is why certain types of intervention can be helpful. With the body’s natural healing mechanisms not being able to complete the mission, sometimes intervention of the right type and the right amount can be helpful. The most important thing that you must ask yourself about any supplement is: Is it scientifically proven? Is it only theory? Or is it totally a myth?

Your body definitely needs zinc. In optimal circumstances, you would get every nutrient that you need from food. Your body needs a wide range of nutrients, in the very old days when you were deficient, there was a village shaman to give you herbs and elixirs. If you believed in the shaman's wisdom, it didn’t even matter if there wasn’t actual efficacy because you believed that it worked. It could actually have an enormous positive impact on your chemistry.

You would have to take such an enormous dose of vitamin supplements to cause a problem. You have to take a large dose over a very long period of time to build up toxicity. All of the minerals are vital to the body functions. Zinc is certainly a facilitator of healing, especially of scar tissue. Zinc is very strong when healing scar tissue within the lungs. You don’t have to make a mad dash to the drugstore and buy zinc for $99.

Instead, make sure to clean up your diet. Eliminate dietary mistakes, then add supplements slowly. It’s unlikely that you will feel a difference pre zinc or post zinc, but one thing is for sure... mostly everyone that I’ve ever met that had a mineral deficiency that took a mineral supplement had a positive result. They can help you, especially if you didn’t make other changes that were needed. Zinc can help you, especially if you’re coming through an illness.

People who write articles in magazines that denounce supplements have to do that, otherwise there would be nothing else to write about. You can pull from science in any way that you’d like to. A lot of people write things that they have no personal experience in. On your journey to discover the best supplements, you will always uncover someone saying that they’re doing it better than anyone else. The most important thing is to make sure that your supplements have traceability to a clean source. A source that follows rules and ethics and a source that has extremely high standards.

That’s what I do because I take these supplements myself.


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