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Guide To Food Combining

Foods have different transit times and require specific digestive enzymes. Bad food combinations can cause indigestion and fermentation, which may lead to inflammation, a precursor to illness.
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Juice Fasting

Including raw juices in our daily diets is a fabulous antidote to toxins we encounter. Green juices neutralize acids and all raw juices make it easier to maintain blood alkalization. The main benefit of drinking raw juice is that if it helps us skip one or more crappy meals a day, we’re 1,000 times better off! We recommend drinking as much juice as possible. Drinking juice and maintaining a sensible diet that excludes processed food is a critical step toward optimal health.

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Atomic Elements and Their Best Plant Sources

Fruits and vegetables must be ripe for the body to digest them properly. pasteurization of juice and food is a disaster—it alters their nutritional value and vital forces. chewing, blending, or lightly steaming fruits and vegetables releases the nutrients within the encapsulated insoluble fibers. Wow, 
I sound smart.

Produce is rushed to harvest. non-organic farming practices that use a litany of chemicals are changing our chemistry. Combined with a number of dietary mistakes we generally make, we are likely to be nutrient deficient.