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Dave Asprey - Founder of Bullet Proof, is this guy serious?

This bears repeating: If a person with any of hundreds of degenerative diseases used the Bulletproof products regularly, this person would suffer. It doesn’t give me pleasure to make such statements, but it’s my right to do so. And it’s my intent to promote practices that lead to good health and to speak out against practices that don’t.

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Smoking Crack Is The Best Weight Loss Program I Know Of...

Stimulating energy without nutrition taxes the body and ages you faster. It’s a mistake to become hyper-focused on weight loss alone. Removing all processed food, pasta, cereal, bread, soda, candy, and white sugar will induce sustainable weight loss and make the body more efficient. In the end, you’ll need fewer calories to support higher levels of activity.

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My Diet Made Me Tired and Weak

My relationship with food was never quite right. I grew up with overweight family members who struggled with their diets and their happiness. Food issues were the prevailing addiction in my family of origin, beyond any other categories of dependencies. Getting on track and staying on track with food was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life, but it’s been overwhelmingly satisfying and well worth the effort. 

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Atomic Elements and Their Best Plant Sources

Fruits and vegetables must be ripe for the body to digest them properly. pasteurization of juice and food is a disaster—it alters their nutritional value and vital forces. chewing, blending, or lightly steaming fruits and vegetables releases the nutrients within the encapsulated insoluble fibers. Wow, 
I sound smart.

Produce is rushed to harvest. non-organic farming practices that use a litany of chemicals are changing our chemistry. Combined with a number of dietary mistakes we generally make, we are likely to be nutrient deficient.

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Top 30 Things To Improve Health

#3. Eliminate all processed foods from your diet. Whether you do so gradually at your own pace or go “cold turkey” and do it within a day or so is your decision. Getting the toxic food components and additives out of your system will yield health benefits very quickly.

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Meditation & Food

I recommend that people start their practices of meditation with the intent of getting a better grasp on their diets and their eating habits. Having peaceful, relaxing meal times should become a high priority as you progress on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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More Conscious Eating

It might not seem to be something obvious to do, but it’s important to reflect upon the types of foods that we were raised on. This is so because these foods influenced us as well. Our chemistry can be completely thrown off by a lifetime of poor eating. By the time we were 13, almost all of us were deeply invested in junk food. We ate too much animal protein and we were likely addicted to refined processed sugar; not just from candy, but from overly cooked foods, canned foods, cereals, cold cuts, processed bread products, and many other unhealthy foods and drinks. 

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What are we chasing?

Are we chasing material possessions because we really think that we need them? Probably yes, at least in the moment. Are we chasing bad chemistry in our bodies and trying to make it feel better? Sometimes. Are we chasing cravings that need to be answered? Oftentimes.  

Deep deep inside, aren’t we all just chasing the connection to a feeling of wholeness? That feeling was lost when the umbilical cord was cut. And the memory is there. Each and every day that followed, we either kept the connection going or we looked for a distraction.

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Plant Based Diet

Providing that you’re not eating processed food, on a plant-based diet you won’t become overweight, lethargic, or riddled with symptoms of a multitude of diseases. On a plant-based diet you will become injured less. On a plant-based diet your pH balance will be exactly where it’s supposed to be; you'll have to exert less energy keeping homeostasis (body chemistry balance). On a plant-based diet you will not succumb to inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis as easily. On a plant-based diet you will avoid diabetes, and if you have diabetes already then your dependency on insulin will be much lower.

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Diet and Lifestyle Matter More Now Than Ever Before

Unless you have an immune disease, the strength of your immune system is in your hands and not just in your genes. You have to work at it. You have to make your internal biological terrain right. It all starts with your mindset and the thoughts that you keep. Your overall outlook on life has an enormous impact on your chemistry; this cannot be downplayed.

Your diet is absolutely crucial to the success of the high performance machine that is your body. This should be obvious to the entire world, but for some reason it's not. Or perhaps it is obvious, but we struggle to balance our cravings and our desire to feel and be healthy.