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Let Me Fix Your Fear of Juicing

Juice in its natural raw form will never harm you. In fact, the more of it that you drink while you stay on a routine, the more you might find your cravings for processed food or high amounts of protein to be reduced.

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Coffee ☕️

Coffee has two types of effects—its physical effects and its effects on the personality. Some of us really feel that we desperately need the edge it gives us. But we’re drinking it excessively, not being mindful when we drink it, and we’re in denial about the negative effect that it has on our body chemistry.

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What if I am A Dessert Person?

You may be saying to yourself, “F**k Antebi’s nonsense. I don’t have to give up desserts. I have to just change them to not include junk food. Every once in a while I can have crème brûlée, ice cream cake, chocolate cake from that gourmet restaurant, or movie concession candy.”

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What if I Hate Vegetables More Than Anything Else?

When I was involved with my company (Juice Press) for approximately 10 years, I taught hundreds, if not thousands of people throughout New York City and other major cities to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh cold, pressed organic juice. When you drink juice you get a lot of produce without having to gag on it, and it tastes great, but only if it’s very cold. (If you drank juice from really dark, leafy green vegetables at room temperature you probably wouldn't like it.) That’s the beauty of cold-pressed juice—the cold temperature makes it taste great, like a smoothie. Certain foods taste better at different temperatures; I think pasta only tastes good when it’s warm.

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Cold Cuts & Weiner Dogs

I am supportive of whatever you feel you need to do to get your calories. My job is to just tell you the facts about food as I understand them.

Some people declare themselves to be meat eaters but are cautious regarding their dietary choices. I know a lot of people who think that they’re minimizing their health risks by taking measures such as eating only fish rather than red meat. Some detail about that is warranted, and I intend to address it in other articles, but this short article is only regarding processed meat products.

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Everything I Know About the Hazards of Candy and Junk Food Desserts

The only reason that I’m calling candy food is because you put it in your mouth and you eat it. But make no mistake: Candy cannot be defined as food because it does not have nutritional value. A nutrient is anything that enhances the chemistry of the body, and a toxin is anything that harms or interrupts the processes of the chemistry of the body. Candy is toxic. It deteriorates our health both in the moment we eat it and over the long term.

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Open Letter to the Food Industry

Companies that have a high degree of concern for their ethical practices should rethink deceptive product labeling practices, in addition to ensuring that their products have good nutritional value. The innovative companies that serve truly healthy products might not rise to become the most financially successful in the short term. But I think that corporate food integrity could well be rewarded by customers’ dollars over time.

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Get Out of Diet Fads and Into Real Solutions

Certain behaviors stop serving us at certain points in our lives; we have to recognize this and then we have to create processes for letting such detrimental behaviors go. This is not easy, and we avoid doing it - we prefer quick fix, simple solutions. Many who create fad diets recognize this, and this is why fad diets are popular and profitable for their creators.

Please understand that I’m not trying to sell a particular diet. I just have a strong desire to share many truths I’ve learned about healthy dietary practices – things I’ve successfully applied to my own life and things that have been of tremendous benefit to many others.

The first step to a healthy dietary lifestyle destination is ‘soul searching.’ We have to recognize unhealthy dietary practices and patterns. We have to realize that they are disrupting our body chemistry and might be leading us toward disorders or diseases.

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Bio Hack B.S.

Being well is also a mental process; you can’t just fix your physical body and leave your mental health unchecked; the two entities are inextricably connected. The body and the mind interact in ways that not even science can understand yet.

So another biohacking process I can highly recommend is the understanding that you must set your mind on improving both your mental and physical health. You must make doing that a daily practice. Laziness and fear will be impediments to your progress in doing so, so you must put them aside. To ensure that you will progress in improving mental and physical health, seek out a coach and one or more good mentors.

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Here's Why You Should Avoid The Ketogenic (Keto) Diet

The ketogenic diet is not a positive step to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It is completely unsustainable for a number of reasons.

For one thing, in both the short- and long-term it could have a negative effect on your overall body chemistry. By following it, you’re creating routines and habits that entail eating much more protein than what is healthy for an adult’s chemistry. It will be very hard to break such habits.