Protein: A Confusing Macronutrient to Understand

Protein: A Confusing Macronutrient to Understand

Protein: A Confusing Macronutrient to Understand

by Marcus Antebi

Everyone thinks it’s a solution. It’s actually more of a problem the way we consume it. You need far less protein than what you were taught!

A blind pursuit of protein is a BIG mistake in many diets. Protein is a lousy source of fuel because it doesn’t convert easily into glucose, and glucose is the only source of fuel your brain can use. Your body can utilize only so much protein, and the leftovers are stored as toxins or eliminated as waste. You don’t need to consume flesh, eggs, or dairy every day to obtain protein. This is a myth. If you consume enough calories from a varied diet consisting mostly of vegetation, you’re probably getting enough protein.

Lowering protein intake can feel draining and weakening at first, because flesh foods are stimulating and we often mistake this feeling for good health. But your body will adjust. The key to optimal health and a clean digestive system is eliminating processed foods and eating foods with rapid transit times. The slow transit times of concentrated foods may cause fermentation and gas pressure, which lead to inflammation and illness.

Many plant based foods are rich in proteins. Some examples are broccoli, quinoa, beans, lentils, seeds (sunflower, hemp, chia, pumpkin), nuts (all shapes and sizes), spirulina, buckwheat, and many others. Your nutritional needs can be met on a plant-based diet, free from flesh foods if you desire.

If you do eat flesh foods, limit the intake to three times a week and combine them with leafy greens, not starches. Fish are easiest to digest. Red meat and chicken should come from an organic source. Eggs are very hard on the liver. Products made from cow’s milk are mucus-forming—try nut, hemp, and coconut milks instead. Drink more juice and eat lots of salad.

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