Self Improvement Strategies

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Pyschosamtic Pain

The mind, especially the mind of a child, has difficulty dealing with abrupt transitions. Less than subtle transitions to changes in all types of circumstances happen to a person frequently. 

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Ascend To love

“Ascend into love” is a new concept for me. What I realize now is that I don’t just need an object to love such as a person, a new car, or a new juice machine. I don’t need those things to feel love. What I need to do is check in with myself and see what it is that I’m feeling right now. And sometimes I realize that I just feel numb.

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Be Healthy. Be Happy!

If your health has been diminished by overwhelming factors, you still have the ability to heal yourself as long as your natural pathways to recovery are still open.

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Journaling, Writing, Whatever You Call It, It's The Best Self-Help Tool Out There

Writing is one of the most essential tools for recovering your emotions and letting them move through you. You take vague memories and abstractions that are in your head and put them on a piece of paper or on the screen of your laptop. This quickly crystalizes things. Then you can begin digging into your deepest feelings and determine their earliest connections. The more you write about a situation, the more you’re likely to find a feeling attached to it. Even if you can’t find a feeling attached to it, you can and should write about how you cannot feel.

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Anxiety Is a Psychological Buzzword

The anxieties that we have regarding real threats have to be examined. We then have to come up with solutions for the associated problems in a way that allows us to stay on center. If a person has anxieties about all of the different facets of their life, then they’re going to be in a lot of pain

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The Express Train to Enlightenment

The other way to wake up your mind is to meditate, concentrate, and focus on the idea that everything in the material universe is constantly changing. Everything in the material world that is born must die, and everything that is created must come to an end. Focus on that until you see the light.

What makes a person more prepared and ready to practice a faith along these lines with devotion in order to see divine light? The first thing is having to clear away all the wreckage and the problems that prevent you from getting to the state that you are seeking.

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Needed Concepts Not Often Found in Self Help Books

Consider a theoretical situation. Perhaps a person struggling with inner pain from child abuse issues has been in talk therapy their entire life. They may get to a point at which they don’t seem to be getting to their core issues and feelings. If this is the case, perhaps they need to try some sort of alternative treatment (e.g., Reiki healing). Or they might take acting classes to see if pretending to feel something brings up real feelings that they need to experience.

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The Beginning of Your Self Improvement Journey

The discipline of taking care of the tedious tasks of life can be applied to all other aspects of life—this is the nature of self-improvement. I define self-improvement as taking on the difficult tasks that we need to manage by ourselves for ourselves every day of our life until they become habits.

Self-improvement is also a measurement of personal success. Personal success has nothing to do with things such as how much money you’ve acquired, how many books you’ve published, and the like. Personal success is measured by how well a person can improve themselves and address their own specific challenges.

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The Great Master and Her Student

A student came to her master to ask about something that puzzled her.

She asked the master, “When I hear your great wisdom, I recognize its value. But then I have so much trouble trying to implement it in my life. Why is this so?”

The master looked at her and replied, “You are very young. You don’t yet have the experience or the coordination to pick up difficult tools and use them with skill.

“The first thing you must recognize is that they are tools. That will be a very good first step. Then, you have to memorize them and slowly let their medicines seep in.

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Quick Reading Inspiration on Health & Wellness

Your next step should be to become a genius on the subject matter of what is ailing you. You must do a lot of intelligent research. You should shy away from internet nonsense that does not come from a reputable, credible writer. The source of the information – the person who wrote it – is as important, or even more so, than the information itself. How does that person validate the statements and claims?