Good Probiotics Are Crucial: Read This

Good Probiotics Are Crucial: Read This

Good Probiotics Are Crucial by Marcus Antebi

Now more than ever if I were to help people to become healthy and stay that way I would encourage the obvious things. Things such as improving the and maintaining a positive attitude, even if that had to be ‘faked’ at times.

But a certain compound that sometimes isn’t seen as vitally important actually is. I’m speaking of probiotics, and I want to give a very brief description of what they are and how they benefit you. Probiotics are substances that truly are at the front line of your entire immune system. The upper G.I. track can be thought of as the ‘second wave’ of defense.

The digestive system controls so much of our overall consciousness. We of course need to keep a healthy diet and be very careful about the things we consume. Such things include what we put in our mouths, what we breathe in our lungs, what we let come into our ears, and what we see with our eyes.

I believe wholeheartedly that the balance of good bacteria in the digestive system keeps many aspects of our physical health together. So there are things that we can do in our daily life to protect the populations of good bacteria in our systems. We have to consider carefully the things that may adversely affect our good bacteria.

I say this again and again, all over this website - processed food is a curse, a scourge on mankind, and it reeks havoc on the minute colonies of good bacteria that live inside our digestive system. Antibiotic treatments may be necessary at times, but you must remember that they kill good types of bacteria as well. So after an antibiotic treatment, you have to make sure that you get probiotic treatment as well.

An acid forming diet, which is the type of diet one would look at and say consists of processed food, and specifically of too much protein, will also exact a toll on the good inhabitants of the entire digestive tract.

Water is the source of all life, so we must make sure that we get enough clean drinking water every day; this will be extremely helpful to the digestive flora in the gut. Additionally, fresh fruit and leafy vegetables are very beneficial to the bacteria that are good for our body; it is the fibrous material that they cling to and consume.

These types of foods bring in more good bacteria, especially when they are left raw. If all the food we eat is cooked, it may be difficult to replace important strains of good bacteria; strains that might otherwise only come into the body through the foods we consume.

There is a simple path to good digestive health. Specifically, it is to clean up your diet and take a high-quality probiotic supplement. I offer excellent ones. Mine are manufactured starting with produce of excellent quality and purity. These probiotics are then replicated in a high tech, state of the art laboratory.

The best probiotics on the market are the ones that I produce. You need not look any further - mine are the ones that you want.

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