How Can I Take A Great Thing & Make It Even Better?

How Can I Take A Great Thing & Make It Even Better?

How Can I Take A Great Thing & Make It Even Better? by Marcus Antebi

It's easy. I just do it!

I’ve been involved in the probiotic supplement industry for almost 10 years. When we began selling our first probiotic at Juice Press, I was able to get close to some amazing scientists from both Bulgaria and Harvard University right here in the US.

The thing that I have learned and seen consistently in the time that I’ve been studying this science is that all probiotics are not equal. They may all have the prestigious title of being probiotic, but they’re not all necessarily effective.

When people are doing research on a probiotic, they’ll generally study it under a microscope to observe how it works against non-pathogens. They study the different types of proteins a friendly bacteria releases as chemical weapons to destroy pathogenic cells—those are the ‘bad guys.’

The series of probiotics that I’m dealing with are a Lactobacillus plantarum. The scientific names are GLB18 and BLB3. They both have similar characteristics. The first characteristic that makes these two types of bacteria extremely effective is that they can survive the low pH balance of your stomach. Most good bacteria in supplement form are destroyed before they even get to the destination of the low pH environment of the stomach. This is a common reason why some probiotic supplements have to pack in larger numbers of individual cells—because the odds are that if there are more of them, some of them have to survive.

I published a variety of short articles on probiotic science. It’s an extremely critical component of the overall immune system. Probiotic supplementation, in my opinion, is the most effective way to boost the immune system through supplements. Greater than vitamin C and all other nutrient components, because the front line of your immune system’s defense occurs in the digestive system. The probiotics are in effect the front line soldiers.

If anything damages the balance of the good bacteria in the body, such as antibiotic treatment or a host of other factors, the immune system can easily be compromised. Some people (not all) have a difficult time with repopulating the good bacteria, so they struggle with many different types of illness symptoms.

I recommend that if a person does research on the variety of sciences that are involved with probiotics that they only read reliable governmental sites; avoid getting into the myths in the abstracts.

The best probiotics do not live in a dairy medium; they also don’t live on a slice of pizza or on your french fries. The strongest and best probiotics are grown in a vegetable juice. When the juice is dried, the good bacteria remain alive but in a suspended state until they hit moisture of the right temperature in your body. Their immediate goal is to find food and then to multiply.

I encourage you to read the rest of the articles I have posted on the site regarding this subject.

Peace. I love you.

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