Probiotic General Knowledge

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Digestive Immunity Probiotic GLB18

Digestive Immunity Probiotic (GLB18): Lactobacillus plantarum The functions of Lactobacillus plantarum are as exciting as its name sounds. This family of good bacteria are the superheroes of the probiotic kingdom. First and foremost, the product...
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How I Got Started In The Probiotic Business

Fred told me that if I was going to offer a juice cleanse as a product I needed to have an accompanying probiotic, and I hadn’t even heard of probiotics until Fred mentioned them. He told me of his favorite probiotic, but unfortunately it cost users $25 per day. I was offering it to Juice Press customers, and it was...
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How Can I Take A Great Thing & Make It Even Better?

The best probiotics do not live in a dairy medium; they also don’t live on a slice of pizza or on your french fries. The strongest and best probiotics are grown in a vegetable juice. When the juice is dried, the good bacteria remain alive but in a suspended state until they hit moisture of the right temperature in your body. Their immediate goal is to find food and then to multiply.

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What Are Probiotics?

A major factor in digestive health is the balance of bacteria: 70 percent of your body’s immune system cells are in the digestive tract, so intestinal bacteria have a continuous and dynamic effect on both your gut and your immune system. A variety of factors (including diet, stress, pollution, pesticides, and frequent antibiotic use) can cause the good bacteria to lose territory within the digestive system. The bacteria in probiotics stimulate the gut to produce antibodies that protect against bad bacteria. As a result, probiotics help the immune system recognize and fight harmful bacteria. 
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The Four Probiotic Marketing Myths

The evidence shows that the more robust strains of good bacteria need much lower than 1 billion CFU to “set up shop” and then divide and multiply. (When the good bacteria are in your lower digestive system in the right conditions, they multiply and proliferate. This is what we want from a probiotic supplement. We want  an effective fighter' that will repopulate the friendly bacteria colonies while seeking out and destroying pathogens).
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Low Count of Good Bacteria Linked to Dozens of Diseases

What is not as well known is that negative emotional and psychological effects occur in the body as a result of pathogenic overgrowth and the proper healthy balance of good bacteria.

It’s hard for many people to grasp that important lifestyle changes will improve their personal health. It’s even harder for most people to implement those changes. In fact, this is hard for all of us. What makes matters worse is that we are bombarded with conflicting information about these issues coming in from many sources.

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How Our Digestive Immunity Probiotic Works

Other probiotics boast about very high CFU counts. If you looked at the cells of other probiotics under magnification, you would see them as very tiny compared to our Digestive Immunity Probiotic (GLB18). So, you can boast of large numbers of tiny weakling strains or you can go for the big strong strains that win the fights. GLB18 recognizes pathogens in the digestive system: GLB18’s ‘good guys’ release chemical compounds that seek and destroy only the pathogens and leave the other friendlies alone. We have determined this to be the case through extensive lab testing. Digestive Immunity Probiotic (GLB18) is an extremely effective product.
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Immunological Analysis of Lung Immunity Probiotic (GLB3)

Furthermore, a very good positive effect of Lung Immunity Probiotic has been demonstrated—namely the ability to largely retain the production of an important anti-inflammatory interleukin such as IL-10. From the results obtained from the tests of the product it is shown that it is able to induce the synthesis of a much smaller amount of IL-10 from splenocytes, compared with the control sample. 
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"Cytokine Storm" (Inflammation Response)

At the time of this writing (Sept. 12, 2020), worldwide COVID-19 cases have been reported to be over 29+ million with 929+ thousand deaths.  These are incredibly high numbers compared to the more common influenza virus.

Many believe that "cytokine storm" is one of the main causes of fatal outcomes from the disease. The cytokine storm is a significant increase in inflammatory molecules in the course of the body's immune response upon encountering a virus.