Before I Went Plant Based, My Diet Made Me Tired & Weak

Before I Went Plant Based, My Diet Made Me Tired & Weak

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Before I Went Plant Based, My Diet Made Me Tired & Weak by Marcus Antebi

This is the perfect time to experiment with this lifestyle, considering how many flesh-based food packaging plants have shut down for health risk reasons. Reduce inflammation, lose weight, boost energy and libido levels. Eat only fruits, veggies, nuts, sprouts, and seeds. Guaranteed to boost your immune system.

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Everything that you eat is a sacrament to your life. Only the purest foods are welcome. Foods that do not cause any suffering to another will not cause suffering to you. Plant-based foods are pure foods that can sustain the body, and there is zero negative impact on your chemistry.

The cleanest diet is the one that is the most connected to the planet. First and foremost, the plant-based diet is much more robust in terms of its ability to provide a wide range of nutrients and compounds. Scientific exploration is revealing many powerful things about certain compounds that are only available in fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and seeds.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need that much protein to maintain healthy muscle mass and bodily function. You are a carbohydrate-burning machine with a very long digestive system. Flesh that sits in your body becomes necrotic and festers quickly. Its festering causes all sorts of problems. In other words, you were designed to eat plants, not flesh foods.

Flesh foods are chicken, fish, pork, meat, eggs, and milk. These are secondary backup foods for different creatures, like humans and pigs, when plant sources are scarce.

If there was no plant food to be had, you could sustain life on these flesh foods provided that you had 50% of your digestive system surgically removed. It would also require that you have no stress in your life, that you never breathe pollution, that you are always drinking clean water, and that you catch everything you kill.

I’m not trying to convert you into a vegan—I'm just telling you the truth.

Certainly, no one in the nutritional field expects people to live on supplements. You’ve got to get your nutrients from a food source. The flesh of an animal is not the cleanest nor the most optimal source for any nutrient, or any compound for that matter. Now, let’s talk about the plant kingdom.

Plants are the ultimate food for all animals because they are sourced directly from nature. Every creature gets its energy from nutrients and compounds indirectly photosynthesized from the sun. If an animal eats another animal, it gets the nutrients, secondhand, from the animal who got nutrients from eating plants. Those nutrients are less effective. Go directly to the source and you will take in more of those compounds. Go directly to the plant. 

Plants want to be eaten in order to continue to proliferate and grow. The plants that do not want to be eaten tell us so with thorns, poisons, or a nasty taste.

A raw, plant-based diet can be proven as biologically perfect nutrition for the human body by strict scientific definition. The optimal diet is at least 70% from raw plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts, and seeds. 

Because it might be difficult for many people to maintain a 100% raw diet, there is no need to take on an all-or-nothing mentality. Incorporating more raw, plant-based foods, and cutting back on stimulating flesh and processed foods will immediately improve a person’s chemistry.

On a primarily plant-based diet that excludes processed foods, it is still likely that you will lose weight, even if your caloric intake is higher than it would be on any restrictive diet.

Additionally, you will have a dramatic improvement in your overall chemistry. I have watched thousands make astonishing improvements after eating fruits and vegetables only for 90 days. There is nothing contentious about this statement: If a given nutrient is not available from the plant kingdom, the human body does not need it. Don’t believe it if an “expert” tells you otherwise.

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