Exercise Should Be Fun, or We Won't Do It

Exercise Should Be Fun, or We Won't Do It

Exercise Should Be Fun, or We Won't Do It by Marcus Antebi

I’ve always looked at fitness from a different perspective than my mother, father, and sister did.

It has always seemed to me that fitness and movement for the enrichment and pleasure of your life and your body was equally as important as being rich in terms of financial wealth.

And this is absolutely true. A person must make sure that during every day of their life they have a certain amount of physical exercise. It’s extremely important—it’s a practice that will serve to balance a person’s entire being.

This should be common knowledge. Many know it to be true; many know that it’s simply the way our bodies are designed. Our bodies don’t function properly if they don’t have physical exercise very regularly, even daily.

But perhaps in this day and age it hasn’t been talked about enough. We know it to be true, and perhaps we get on short-term exercise programs in much the same way as we embrace fad diets. But significant physical movement should be part of our activities each and every day, and it’s crucial not only as it relates to our physical health but also as it relates to our outlook on life.

Another thing to realize is that physical fitness is a mental practice as well as a physical one. Part of the mental aspect of it is making conscious choices to take breaks every day in order to have physical activity. Breaks from work. Breaks from religious study. Breaks from interactions with other people.

Last and certainly not least, many and perhaps most of your exercise sessions must be fun for you to some degree. Prominent psychologists have noted that happiness is a conscious choice that all individuals can make, even in the midst of unpleasant circumstances. You can certainly make a conscious choice to enjoy strenuous physical exercise, focusing on the benefits that you will receive from it in both the long run and the short run.


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