Diet & Lifestyle Matter More Now Than Ever Before

Diet & Lifestyle Matter More Now Than Ever Before

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Read time: 7 minutes by Marcus Antebi

Now more than ever we must learn to care for ourselves the way that nature intended. A large portion of our heath is within our control. The best thing I can offer you is content on the subject of health and wellness and then the products that I use myself. My children use these products. They are all natural and effective. But, other than products to sell, I have information to offer. 

This website will be loaded with my articles with grounded tips for caring for yourself.

You and I don't need an PhD from an Ivy League school to understand the obvious and most pressing concerns of health: processed foods, overeating, too much protein, late night eating, not enough exercise, stress, dairy foods, over stimulating diets, and so on.

These are things that all people can agree on. The approach on how to change the habits is where I can help. I am developing programs based on my 34 years in 12 step recovery and my 10 years experience in the health food and beverage industry watching my customer's experience with diet and lifestyle.

The Strength of Your Immune System May Be In Your Hands Right Now

Unless you have an immune disease, the strength of your immune system is in your hands and not just your genes. You have to work at it. You have to make your internal biological terrain right. It all starts with your mindset and thoughts that you keep. Your overall outlook on life has an enormous impact on your chemistry. This can not be downplayed.

Next, your diet is absolutely key to the success of your high performance machine. This should be obvious to the world. For someone reason it's not. Or, if it's obvious, we struggle so hard to balance our cravings and our desire to feel good. We can become a slave to our habits. Habits with food can become addictions. Addictions to processed foods, animal based foods, heavy foods, stimulation, (i.e., coffee, chocolate and protein, etc).

The modern diet is ludicrous! Most of the world eats like a 10 year old children left without supervision at a birthday party. The rest of the world, even when trying, simply does not understand the teachings of the great masters: The body is a temple and food is a sacrament. These are not divine or religious teachings. They are not spiritual in nature. They are physical. They are survival teachings. They are truth.

Super Viruses are Looking For A Good Host

There will never be an immediate cure for all viruses that comes into existence. The reason is that viruses have the ability to adapt and a new virus emerges as the old one subsides and is under control. You must understand the nature of a virus.

Why would nature create such a thing? Nature has all kinds of destructive forces that force things into balance and it’s not important to think about why because we will never understand it. Let’s think about what we can do for ourselves to make us inhospitable hosts for dangerous virus. The first premise is that mucus inside the body is a great host for bacteria, fungus and viruses.

It is the perfect breeding ground. Your body produces mucus as a protective lining from irritation.

When the lungs are damaged, for example, the body will secrete more mucus to protect the damaged area of the lung. If the damage remains acute, then we will remain in a constant state of production of mucus and this is a problem. There are foods that are inflammatory to the body and triggers the production of mucus as a defense mechanism. While there’s no cure for the virus, there are definitely things we can do to heal our bodies, and we can certainly do things that will not trigger the production of more mucus.

The main thing is to avoid mucus-producing foods. Foods that are extremely stimulating, or foods that have a powerful growth inducing affect, can be highly inflammatory and irritating. One such food category is food made from the secretions of much larger animals, a.k.a. dairy. It’s different if you were consuming dairy from an animal the same exact size as you. I discuss this often and why dairy is a terrible threat to your health. It’s not just that it’s dairy, it’s that it’s coming from an animal that is not identical to you and that is a mistake.

When there’s no cure for the virus, we have to concentrate on how we are going to make our immune system impenetrable. People think that this is mythology. They don’t look at the absolute science. The people who are suffering the most of this pandemic are people who have a compromised immune system in the first place. The compromised immune system can be caused by a pre-existing condition, or a disease. The organ of the body that’s the most vulnerable, it seems, are the lungs. The virus attacks the lungs, which causes a massive inflammatory affect, the bacteria that are bad bacteria, these pathogens have a field day inside the lungs. Pneumonia is a complication and there are other complications that happen that arise from pneumonia and so we have to look at what those complications are and see if there’s a solution to reducing the complications, not illuminating the virus.

This is the time, right now, when the world is on a time out to address a dietary and lifestyle choices.. There are people who ignore this. Many of them will not suffer and many of them will. There’s no telling why some people will ignore the obvious, it might not be their time to see the truth. The truth is we have to address our behavior through and through in order to make progress. This is the time to see exactly what you are made of emotionally and spiritually. Spiritual, it is really just an abstract word, but it sits here. You will have to test your addictions and bring them to an arrest. We have to do all the things to clean our bodies. All the things that of been nagging at us our entire lives and it’s hard, but it is relatively simple. If you close your eyes and we think about it without the usual systems of the doubt, we already know exactly what our problems are the question is how does the individual muster up help.

That part is beyond the scope of this writing. Inside the scope of this writing is to discuss things that you do to your physical self that can build your immune system. There are definitely supplements, both vitamins and minerals, that will scientifically support the immune system. Now, they are not magic pills. You have to additionally clean up your diet. This is the critical step. When you clean up your diet it doesn’t mean that you find sources of food that now contain all of the vitamins and minerals that you need to build your immune system. It means that you got rid of the mistakes that were breaking you down. If you want a tremendous boost in your immune system, give up dairy and all flesh foods for 12 months. Do not drink a sip of wine or alcohol. Do not use tobacco, through the lungs. Make sure you exercise frequently with lots of exertion to build up the strength of the heart and to make sure that your blood circulates and pumps out all the toxins. Of course, that is expressed in layman‘s terms. Almost all of the supplements that are available could have a positive effect, but you can’t afford to buy all of them. So the big ones are vitamin C buffered with calcium. The calcium will prevent you from getting diarrhea from taking large doses of vitamin C.

Vitamin D3 and vitamin B 12 are also essential, especially for people who are not in sunlight all the time. B12 is difficult for people who have highly acidic diet’s, or may have been on for a long antibiotic treatments. Vitamin A is another golden vitamin. And in terms of the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc those are the big four.

There are lots of all natural remedies for healing, such as using colloidal silver. These things require much more research and thought by the user. When you get to the really strange and odd things research and understanding into the manufacturing processes by the resellers is critical to determine the efficacy of the product.

The most important thing I can share it with you is not my resources in supplements, but it is in information and knowledge. Anyone who takes the chance to write about the stuff should make sure that everyone understands that science is constantly evolving and we are all continuing to learn, so we shouldn’t talk about things in absolute terms because this is limiting. I am not afraid to say that everything I am speaking can overturn, and I can change my mind. I don’t have a deep investment in any one way of thinking. It is unlikely that I will change my mind about dairy and a plant-based diet for example. I have to say as a person who thinks about science, that anything happened in my thinking and I say that to make sure that I do not come off as a zealot. I do not trust anyone with rigid thinking.


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