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When we come to the end of an addiction, it’s not always because we reach a negative emotional bottom. In some cases it’s because we have been and are thinking about changing. We have a deep-seated desire to promote our own growth, and we can also outgrow specific behaviors. That, combined with a bottom of some kind, could lead to the exact moment when a person is ready to surrender a dependency or addiction that doesn’t serve them.
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Anxiety Is a Psychological Buzzword

The anxieties that we have regarding real threats have to be examined. We then have to come up with solutions for the associated problems in a way that allows us to stay on center. If a person has anxieties about all of the different facets of their life, then they’re going to be in a lot of pain
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A very important aspect of your own weight loss is your living a life of compassion. Compassion, love and other such qualities that are good enrich your chemistry in a way that very few substances can match. When your heart is filled with compassion, that means that your mind is pure. In order to fill your heart with compassion, your mind has to become more conscious and more awake. Compassion sets us free from our own suffering.

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Open Letter to the Food Industry

Companies that have a high degree of concern for their ethical practices should rethink deceptive product labeling practices, in addition to ensuring that their products have good nutritional value. The innovative companies that serve truly healthy products might not rise to become the most financially successful in the short term. But I think that corporate food integrity could well be rewarded by customers’ dollars over time.
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Dave Asprey - Founder of Bullet Proof, is this guy serious?

This bears repeating: If a person with any of hundreds of degenerative diseases used the Bulletproof products regularly, this person would suffer. It doesn’t give me pleasure to make such statements, but it’s my right to do so. And it’s my intent to promote practices that lead to good health and to speak out against practices that don’t.

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You're a Pig!

So what is the ideal diet for humans? Should we be eating bananas all day like our ape cousins do? Should we be ravenous meat eaters like the big cats? Or are we designed to graze like cattle? None of the above.

We are actually similar to pigs, bears, and piranhas. We are omnivores. However, we have longer digestive transit times than most other animals. That’s why flesh foods are not ideal for us: Flesh foods easily ferment or rot in our digestive system because they stay there too long.

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Teach Yourself To Love Exercise or You Might Not Do It

Human beings usually don’t like to change in this way because it requires discomfort. But the only discomfort you’ll feel will be some aches and pains from great workouts and possibly some hunger pains. But both things will go away in time. Hunger pains are almost always not related to deficiencies in nutrition. Unless you’ve been starving for quite some time, these pains are usually associated with gas pressures throughout the digestive system that need releasing. They come out when our diet starts to clean up.
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Exercise Should Be Fun, or We Won't Do It

It has always seemed to me that fitness and movement for the enrichment and pleasure of your life and your body was equally as important as being rich in terms of financial wealth.

And this is absolutely true. A person must make sure that during every day of their life they have a certain amount of physical exercise. It’s extremely important—it’s a practice that will serve to balance a person’s entire being.

This should be common knowledge. Many know it to be true; many know that it’s simply the way our bodies are designed. Our bodies don’t function properly if they don’t have physical exercise very regularly, even daily.

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Let Me Fix Your Fear of Juicing

Juice in its natural raw form will never harm you. In fact, the more of it that you drink while you stay on a routine, the more you might find your cravings for processed food or high amounts of protein to be reduced.

I can’t prove this, but my research and my mentor’s teachings strongly suggest that the juice helps remove endogenous toxic material from cells, which in effect should reduce physical cravings. Perhaps you’d like to give me some money to go out and scientifically prove this.

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Why I'm Obsessed with Yoga And I Think You Should Be Too

There are three components to a Yoga Asana (essentially a type of controlled posturing). First, it is to control the body. Then, breath can be controlled. From that point, thoughts going through a person’s head can be controlled in such a way that the person can arrive at a single-minded focus.

I can have a single-minded focus. I can direct my attention to the present moment. At that point, in that space, I am able to realize universal truths. Many, many people do this all the time—it’s not really that extraordinary. There are many universal truths that should be realized. They are truths that underlie the nature of reality. And there are a tremendous number of them. Even while we are going about life on a day-to-day basis, we discover universal truths all the time.