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Exercise Should Be Fun, or We Won't Do It

I love exercise—it keeps me alive and makes me happy!

Exercise is crucial for both mental and physical health, including weight loss.


A body in motion stays in motion. That's applicable to planetary objects and to the human body as well. If you keep yourself moving with the right amount of exercise, combined with the right amount of rest and a wholesome diet, you will do very well.


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What is Aging?

There are two ways to look at aging; one is chronological and the other is biological. Chronological age is defined on the number of years a person is alive. But chronological age has only limited importance in terms of overall health. Of course the older you get, the more likely it is that you might develop a health problem, but this is not just because of your chronological age.

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Safe Living For Health

I’m not here to judge you. I can only tell you the methods I’ve used in my life to liberate myself from my own suffering. I started from nothing. I had a mother who carried me in her stomach for 10 months and I had a father who bought me my first sports car when I was 16. But those things are of no value regarding pursuit of higher journeys. It takes time to mentally prepare yourself to move to the higher journeys that you can be taking while you’re in your physical body. (I have no idea what happens after time spent in the physical body—perhaps nothing. I don’t spend my time thinking about that.)

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How To Think About Your Physical Problems

The next thing that you have to do is you have to become a genius of the subject matter of what is ailing you. You've got to do a lot of intelligent research. I would avoid reading lots of internet nonsense that does not come from a reputable, credible writer. The person, or the source of, who wrote the article is more important than what’s in it. What message did they use to validate their statements?

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A Worldwide Shift in Lifestyle and Dietary Habits is What is Needed Now!

The answer is simple, but many people have a hard time breaking through their layers of denial to see the truth. It is our immune systems that are compromised. It is because of our longstanding collective lifestyle patterns and our overall diets that we have broken down.