Juicing & Smoothies

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Juice Is Great!

You will notice that even when you have a very low calorie diet, most of your diet comes from fruit, and you’re extremely active, you only eat as much fruit as you need by default. It’s very difficult to binge on produce because the produce is communicating via its nutrients to the chemistry of your body.

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Start With Ginger, End With Ginger

You can get many benefits from eating cooked ginger, but eating it in its raw form—unchanged and pure—is best. I often drink a large amount of ginger juice, have a healthy snack or meal, and then have a moderate amount of ginger afterwards.

For best results at the goodsugar™ shot flight bar: start with ginger, end with ginger.

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Juice Cleanses Are Effective

Two to three days of juice only is very easy for a beginner to tackle. If you decide to try a juice cleanse, make up your mind that you will accomplish this. I recommend that a person juice fast as often as once a month for two to three days as a discipline. Over time, durations can be longer.

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Juice Fasting, A Comprehensive Explanation

Including raw juices in our daily diets is a fabulous antidote to toxins we encounter. Green juices neutralize acids and all raw juices make it easier to maintain blood alkalization. The main benefit of drinking raw juice is that if it helps us skip one or more crappy meals a day, we’re 1,000 times better off! We recommend drinking as much juice as possible. Drinking juice and maintaining a sensible diet that excludes processed food is a critical step toward optimal health.