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Marcus antebi - goodsugar™

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I don’t think of myself as someone who must have a personal website. I have so much writing on health and wellness and great new products to share, so a website makes sense for me at this time. 

Birth Date: 01/06/1969 | Birth Sign: Capricorn | Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY Education: Beverly Hills High school (that's as far as I made it.) | Marriage Status: Married to Teresa Lourenco-Antebi | Children: 2 of my own / 2 step children. | Interests: I want to change the world for the better. I want to help people understand nutrition so that they can take care of themselves. I would like to help people adopt a plant-based diet through education and non-judgement.

My passion is in creating healthy food and beverage products for retail. I am obsessed with premium quality juice, smoothies, supplements and items that fit in this category. Most notably, I founded Juice Press in 2010. By the time I exited there were 85+ stores. 

I am 100% plant based for many years. I was taught about nutrition by my mentor, Fred Bisci, and through my own studies. Most importantly, I developed experiential knowledge with dieting, as it pertained to performance, when I was a competitive Muay Thai Fighter. In that experience, I learned that plant foods gave me more energy with less calories. Through Juice Press, I developed more knowledge on diet as it pertains to health and wellness. (I am writing about all of this in a book on nutrition called, “The 10 Rules to Great Nutrition.”

I am a lifelong retailer. When I left my family business in 2008, it was clear to me that my next retail move would be in food and beverage. When I started Juice Press, there were no USDA organic smoothie bars who had great operations, juice and foods. None of them were downtown cool. 

I got very lucky with this category and Juice Press because the entire business fit my personality and my lifestyle. Operations and product innovation came naturally to me. When I took on new business partners a few years later, we were able to scale much of what I had already developed on my own, with just a laptop and a juice machine. 

The brand was built by commitment to extreme excellence and great branding. (Note: I had the same style of branding years earlier in my skydiving retail business.)  


(Read Time: 2min.)

Around 2014, Juice Press developed a miraculous probiotic supplement, with a partner laboratory in Bulgaria, Europe. This partnership with one of the leaders, in the space, brought about the supplement Proviotic. The supplement business has matured for me over the last six years that I have been in it. I can explain the value of certain compounds in a special way. I get to the heart of the matter in my own way. I hope you have a desire to read my work as I am writing a lot. 

Anyway, the lab in Bulgaria recently made two formulations available to me: 

  • GLB18, which is a proprietary vegan probiotic with extraordinary talent. GLB18 is my daily Digestive Immunity supplement and my first product under the brand goodsugar.
  • Lung Immunity. This probiotic is an extraordinary as well.

At Juice Press, I was obsessive about all aspects of operations, from food safety and clean stores, to the best ingredients.

My three highest standards are:

  1. USDA organic
  2. Plant Based
  3. Unprocessed ingredients

As a retailer with health products, I expect more from myself than consumers would expect from me. First, I practice what I preach. There will be no scandals here, not of any kind. Second, I must label things clearly. I must write as much as I can and explain everything I am doing to my consumers. I share what I feel is truth as an obligation to help others. This is what makes me happy. I do not have a messiah complex and I do not want fame and power (I am definitely an American Conscious Capitalist). Lastly, I must have full transparency with every supplier, every farm and every method of preparation used to bring my products into the world. After all, I am the first to eat and drink what I create. This is true for my wife and all the kiddies!

Please support my efforts to build scalable, USDA organic, truly healthy, unprocessed products to the world. I appreciate you.