goodsugar™ Podcast w/ Ralph Sutton & Marcus Antebi

goodsugar™ Podcast w/ Ralph Sutton & Marcus Antebi

goodsugar™ Podcast w/ Ralph Sutton & Marcus Antebi



Host Ralph Sutton is a long-time veteran of television and radio with his own built-in international fan base. Sutton for nearly two decades –  hosted – The Tour Bus, a nationally broadcast rock radio show that was  syndicated in 50 markets across the nation and re-broadcast worldwide on  the Internet. 

Marcus Antebi is the founder of the health and wellness platform Juice Press. JP is the largest food chain of raw, organic, cold pressed juices, and plant based organic smoothies. JP is based in New York, Boston, Vegas, Seattle, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. 

The goodsugar™ podcast centers around Sutton’s desire to improve himself and find lasting happiness. In the early episodes, Sutton intimately revealed that although he feels successful with his career, he senses that something is missing in his life. He’s only 50% happy.

Antebi is certain that he can help his lifelong friend find his way and achieve total happiness, but only if he’s willing to try specfic 'proven' self-help things, such as, talking about his childhood, talking about his problems, journaling, cleaning up his diet, reconsidering his love-life choices, meditating, exercising more often, and a host of other self-help actions. The more Sutton complains, the funnier the show gets. Self help leaves him feeling utterly ridiculous.

Week by week we follow Sutton’s progression, as he complains but accomplishes his tasks and assignments that Antebi lays out for him. Sutton’s life is improving in great strides and the show makes for a poignant and witty program.

goodsugar™ podcasts are from 35-45 minutes with guests ranging from the occasional rock stars to New York’s most popular Yogi, Eddie Stern. 

The topics cover self-help, diet, & rehabilitation, (SDR). Sutton and Antebi make fun of gurus, poke at popular philosophies and spiritual concepts. At present goodsugar™ supports a little more than 2,500 listeners per episode and the base is growing week over week.

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