Welcome! This is goodsugar™

Welcome! This is goodsugar™

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Welcome! This is my project goodsugar™

My name is Marcus Antebi, and I am the founder of Juice Press—a wellness platform located in New York City. I worked with the Juice Press Project for almost ten years. Even though I’ve moved on from that, I still have a passion for all aspects of the food and beverage components of the wellness industry. In that vein, I’m working on a new concept that is very exciting and revolutionary.

I call it goodsugar™, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to tell you about it. Please read on!

goodsugar™ is a continuation of doing what I love doing.

First and foremost, when the opportunity surfaces, I will build a brick and mortar retail store in New York City with the intention of keeping it small. (It will likely be in the downtown area.)

I want to help educate people, not only about their dietary choices, but about how choices regarding all aspects of physical and mental health will help them tremendously improve their lifestyles.

It ‘comes with the territory’ that I assume this role: I’ve been working very hard at maintaining good health almost all my life, beginning when I quit drinking at age 15 (and remained sober ever since).

goodsugar™ will be significantly better than anything I’ve done in the past because it will be 85 times smaller. Smaller is better in the health and wellness food business. I will focus my concentration on one or two locations—instead of 80—in order to ensure perfection in the product- and lifestyle-related things that I do for both myself and my clients.

One thing I’ve learned is that freshness and quality do not always scale well. In connection with that, I’ll state that Juice Press does a very impressive job every day in creating fresh and wholesome products on a large scale. But now my bar is higher; I am seeking to be more innovative, create products of higher quality, make food items that taste better, and create a brand that is truly “me.”

Every detail in a juice/food business makes a huge difference to every customer; everything has to be done with excellence. At goodsugar™, we are extremely focused on just that right now, as we are developing innovative products of quality that are second to none.

My first five product launches are premium supplements. My desire in these initial stages has been to keep my own immune system in top condition. So, it goes without saying that I developed new products so that I can use them!

I ‘practice what I preach,’ so to speak, and my family members also use my products and espouse the same lifestyle choices. And in connection with this, I am now very focused on probiotics and essential vitamins and minerals.

I learned a great deal about the supplement industry during my time at Juice Press. And at this point in time, I am working with an innovation and research team located in Bulgaria. They have developed two amazing probiotics and two highly effective and very pure vitamin/mineral supplements. I now have the exclusive rights to retail all of them in the US!

In my new project—goodsugar™—I am focusing on the two areas of the wellness business that I am most passionate about. Specifically, those areas are quality supplement products and health and wellness education in the form of articles, web content, and other materials.

Regarding health and wellness education, I now have approximately 8,000 pages of material that I’m in the process of having professionally edited. I will be adding that content to this website over time.

Regarding quality supplement products, I intend to get back into the retail food and beverage business in order to market my unique products. My retail business will be similar to that of Juice Press, but with a number of significant differences. I have a substantive concept and business plan, and I am waiting for a prime location to become available. It’s very likely that I will find something in the Lower Eastside of New York City before the end of 2020. The ‘brick and mortar’ juice and smoothie business is extremely important to me, because I am a retail store owner at heart and I strongly desire to have close connections with people.

My new innovations will be regarding how we serve our products in a sustainable way. Also, it's important for me to operate a streamlined model in place so that I can drive the retail prices of many of our products downward, if possible. As nearly everyone knows, that is not easy to do.

I know exactly what my loyal customers want, and I intend to bring that back in a big way. goodsugar™ will be a small but successful business. It must stay small and in within the tight grip of a knowledgeable and extremely competent management team comprised of a select few. goodsugar™ employees and managers will be the best of the best—highly competent and with good people skills.

I will put many initiatives into place—things that will be of great importance to customers, as well as to our planet. For example, I will reduce single use plastic down by 90% immediately; environmentally-conscious customers can bring their own containers in for purchases. This is but one of many positive changes that will make goodsugar™ great.

How did goodsugar™ get its name?

I came up with it because I was inspired by my previous experiences at Juice Press. I was having difficulty encouraging people to relax and eat fresh fruit, starchy vegetables, and other foods and drinks that contained sugar in its natural form. Many customers were so concerned about sugar intake that they would even steer away from fresh fruit.

But this was (and is) in essence ‘erring on the side of caution.’ There’s a big difference between eating food items containing natural sugar and eating foods containing processed sugar. Processed sugar is intoxicating. That in itself is bad, but even worse, processed sugar is addictive and disruptive to your body chemistry.

The fact that sugar in its natural form is actually good for you is not a very well-understood concept. Much misinformation concerning that has been perpetuated, by both the media and by some in the medical and scientific communities. Fruits, in particular, contain nutrients and other compounds that the body needs to strengthen the immune system to fight cancer and many other diseases.

As the founder of goodsugar™, I am on a twofold mission. First of all, I want to create great, healthy products and offer them at very good prices. But in addition to that, I want to educate consumers about good dietary and other lifestyle choices to make to enable them to live healthy, happy, productive lives.

And the educational component of this mission begins here and now. Please begin reading the additional content on this site for lots of helpful information. You’ll be glad you did!

Above: Me and the Mrs. In her hometown, Trinidad (Circa 2020). Teresa is an inspiration to me because of how well she takes care of herself inside and out. I thought I had my 'systems' down and I thought I was disciplined, but Teresa is much further ahead than me in many ways. I feel lucky to learn from her and her great habits. She's a wonderful person and I am happy to love her!

fred bisci

Above: A random stranger in the East Village, NYC, Me and Fred Bisci my mentor with health and wellness. 

Final Words

The timing may seem peculiar to build a retail store in New York. The rents may be slightly less now than they were prior to Covid-19, but there is no way to predict what customer behavior will look like.

For the entire food sector, especially in plant-based healthy types of places, the guests’ behavior is likely to radically change. Consumers won't be as enamored to the things they used to adore. 

Old business models that didn’t work well prior to the Pandemic of 2020 will surely implode on themselves and vanish away. But I am ready to roll forward when the time is right. In the meantime, I am developing the concepts and the 'vision' of a 2020-inspired juice, smoothie, and wellness place. It will be cool, welcoming, healthy, funny, informative, delicious, and extra way cool because of the badass new yorker customers in my neighborhood. goodsugar will be loved, and this love will be respected and perpetuated by me and my team. It will be our very highest priority.