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I helped change thousands of people's diets with my wellness platform Juice Press. Now I will teach you ways to make your body into the fortress you want it to be. I’m going to show you how to overcome food addictions the tried and true way. Please take the time to move through this website slowly. There is a lot of useful content in the articles my team and I have posted here for your health and wellness efforts.
—Marcus Antebi

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I founded a chain of healthy restaurants called Juice Press. My new project goodsugar™ includes my lab proven supplements and a proven diet and lifestyle program that will make your body a fortress.

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"Let me help you overcome any barriers you are facing that prevent you from living a healthy, happy and exciting life. Your issues may be in connection with food and weight control, addictions of any kind, relational difficulties, or something else entirely. I want for you to succeed, and I’ll help you make that success happen. I will give you the tools that you need to move from discomfort and dissatisfaction into a wonderful lifestyle encompassing health, wellness, and true peace of mind!" Marcus Antebi

"For ten years at Juice Press, I sourced the absolute best plant-based ingredients for every product: salads, smoothies, juices, and all the natural ingredients in our supplements. My team of scientists and doctors at goodsugar™ created a wellness platform like no other, with innovative supplements and a diet which will elevate your life.” ⏤Marcus Antebi

GS True Immunity Kit

Get my Lung Immunity Probiotic, Digestive Immunity Probiotic and my Multivitamin all for only $99. 


Lung Immunity Probiotic

Supports lung immunity with lab-tested probiotics and a proprietary blend of lipopolysaccharides and polypeptides, proven effective against common lung pathogens. Plant based. No allergens.


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Digestive Immunity Probiotic

Immunity begins in the digestive system. Supports digestive immunity with lab-tested probiotics proven effective against common gut pathogens. Plant based. No allergens.


Buy Digestive Immunity Probiotic for $65
Get Lung Immunity Free ($130 Value)

goodsugar™ Multivitamin

Make your body a fortress. The goodsugar™ Multivitamin provides often-missing nutrients essential to your body operating at its highest level. Plant based. No allergens.


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goodsugar™ Book Plus

Get my book, Lung Immunity Probiotic, Digestive Immunity Probiotic and the Multivitamin, all for only $125. 


Punishing workouts centered around the sharp punches and swift kicks of Muay Thai boxing
keep stress levels in check, says Marcus Antebi...  ⇢

The Wall Street Journal

Uncannily, Antebi seemed to text me whenever I was tempted. He reminded me to thoroughly chew my juice, which aids digestion...

The New York Times

Marcus Antebi bursts through the doors of the 55th Street Juice Press, a tattooed ball of energy clad in a black T-shirt and cuffed jeans. He beelines for the refrigerator and chugs...

WWD - Anna Dysinger

Juice Press raw juices contain a bacteria shown in the laboratory to inhibit growth of E. coli and
other foodborne pathogens...  

The Wall Street Journal

There is nothing meek about Marcus Antebi. The Juice Press founder looks like Jason Statham, sounds like Billy Walsh from “Entourage,” and has the conviction of an evangelist, which he readily admits to being — at least when it comes to his juices...

W Magazine

The Real-Life Diet of Juice Press Founder Marcus Antebi, Who Likens His Meals to Meditation...

GQ Magazine

Juice Press Throws Long, Attracting Seahawks' Russell Wilson On West Coast...


we met founder Marcus Antebi, and immediately knew we would be in for a, well, experience. Inspired to get into juicing when he needed to drop weight classes as a Thai boxer...

  • All natural ingredients, no chemicals.
  • Plant based, no allergens.
  • Free from GMOs and pesticides.
  • Sustainable ingredients and packaging.
  • Lab proven effective, highest potency.
  • Safe for everyone, guaranteed purity.

"Immunity starts in our digestive system with properly balanced ‘good’ bacteria. These bacteria strengthen our immune system and are critical to other functions including our emotional well-being. My probiotics are formulated to support the immune system and restore the delicate balance of digestive bacteria, and my multi-vitamin/mineral is developed to supply often-missing nutrients essential to your body operating at its highest level.” — Marcus Antebi, Founder Of Juice Press & goodsugar™

goodsugar™ Experts

"I am looking forward to closely working with Marcus on his advisory board. My role will be to scientifically vet, directly with Marcus, important concepts related to health in the context of product development, marketing, and optimization. Marcus' dedication to wellness is of great interest to me.

Jeffrey I. Mechanick, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N., E.C.N.U., M.A.C.E. Professor of Medicine Medical Director, The Marie-Josee and Henry R. Kravis Center for Clinical Cardiovascular Health at Mount Sinai Heart Director, Metabolic Support Divisions of Cardiology and Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

In the 53 years that I have been a 100% raw foodist and hanging around in the health food industry, I have never seen anyone care more about the level of purity and integrity of their products than Marcus. I have known him for over 10 years and I am happy to stand behind whatever new business projects he is working on.

Fred Bisci, pHD Food Science
eddie stern, yoga teacher

I enjoy Marcus' insights and unique style of sharing. He's a Yogi, he's an almond, he's leaf and he's a slice of bread.

Eddie Stern, Yoga Teacher, Author and Lecturer

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